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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  March 24, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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"the five." "special report" is up next. this is the fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. there is a furious manhunt going on right now for possible accomplices in tuesday's brussels terror attacks that left 34 people dead. another of the dead, not so new jersey. maybe the bomb maker who built the devices, both for brussels and paris last november. we're learning u.s. citizens may have been specifically targeted by islamics. we're learning there are several unaccounted for but as of now there are no reported fatalities. back here at home major cities are bracing for the
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worst. beefing up security. we have fox team coverage. we hear about the possibility americans were the real targets in brussels. rich edson traveling with barack obama in argentina on the criticism over his response. we begin with senior foreign affairs corn greg palkot in brussels. >> good evening. police are now saying they are searching for several suspects tied to the bloody attacks here yesterday. in night and day raids, we are watching as they try flush them out. the hunt is intensifying for those behind the terror attacks tuesday as more details emerge about the bloody carnage that left dozens dead and many injured. the fogg of authorities concentrating on this man. now thought to be najim
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laachraoui. he left with a 30-pound bomb later set off in an explosion. while there are late reports that he might have died as the suicide bomber. others definitely did not make it it out alive. two brothers were responsible for the suicide attack at the metro station and airport. one left a note basically saying, the authorities were closing in. they were said to be handy with kalashnikov rifles. the two terrorists had a heavy, heavy rap sheet not linked to terrorism. in a raid yesterday police found mounds of explosives, gallons of chemicals. a real bomb factory. neighbors were suspicious but also shocked. >> translator: we saw them working. we didn't know they would be terrorists doing things here. >> reporter: as a reminder of what some say are belgium's sloppy terror probes, one of the
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attackers was deported last year and they warned belgian authorities. the airport and other transportation links still shut down. there was a minute of silence at noon as those gathered at a growing and makeshift memorial in the central of brussels. the people were sad but defiant. >> better to be together, to be united in this situation. >> what is typical of belgium is all the people who came with their hearts. it is typical of not only belgium but of humanity. >> reporter: a short while ago, fox news reached authorities here. they told us they could neither confirm nor deny that the bomb maker najim laachraoui is dead. if he is dead, he is gone, that's one bad troublemaker out of the picture. >> in brussels tonight, thank
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you. let's get the latest from the intelligence community including who was being targeted by the terrorists. >> based on the totality of the evidence including the classified briefings, the chairman of the house intelligence committee said he believes americans were the targets in the attack. for two reasons. first and foremost, that suicide bombing on the metro was at or near the stop where you get out for the embassy. second, when you look at the explosions for the airport, what you see is that the bombers are approaching what the congressman described as the death for american, united and delta. he said when you take both buckets of information and you put them together, he believes there is an investigative thread there. here he is earlier today. >> in fact it becomes true that american airlines and united and delta, that the explosive device went off there. when you couple that with the metro stop near the embassy was
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also targeted, those would be two locations where a lot of americans can be killed. so i am worried that this was indeed some type of attack on americans. >> the congressman said even if they get that guy who is on the run right now, he does not think that will effectively shut down the cell in brussels. >> obviously if the bomb maker is kill, that's a big deal as well. the associated press is saying there are some 400 isis members dispatched to europe to start the attacks throughout the region. is that credible? >> based on my conversations with intelligence contacts today, that is a credible number. when you look at the per capita of foreign fighters from the big three countries in western europe. france, belgium and germany, it is 600 who have gone to iraq and syria and returned to their home countries that they know about. so i would argue the 400 is a pretty conservative figure. >> thank you. president obama said he will
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not be changing his strategy against isis despite tuesday's massacre in belgium. but the fact that the president said that from argentina, not the white house, has some of his critics even more upset. the correspondent rich edson reports from buenos ares. >> my top priority is to defeat isil. to eliminate the scourge of this barbaric terrorism taking place around the world. >> president obama is in argentina continuing his latin american trip despite criticism from republicans he should suspend it and return to washington. >> i think he should head back to washington and solve a problem. and you'd better get rid of isis quick. it is only going to get worse. >> i would have flown home when people fly and bleed in europe. we die and bleed a little bit right here in the united states of america. >> reporter: alongside the
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argentine president, they fielded questions. he defended his absent from the white house. >> it is very important for us to not respond with fear. we are strong. our values are right. you offer nothing except death. oar another round of criticism from republican lawmakers and presidential candidates on the president's isis strategy. >> he is targeting asudden you. we need to be targeting isis. as president i will utterly destroy isis. we will use overwhelming air power. carpet bombing. >> when i hear someone saying we should carpet bomb iraq or syria, not only is that inhumane. not only is that contrary to our values. but that would likely be an extraordinary mechanism for isil to recruit more people to die and explode bombs in an airport
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or a metro station. that's not a smart strategy. >> the administration says secretary of state john kerry will travel friday to brussels to formally express condolences. more than a year ago they said they should have sent a higher profile figure following the attacks in paris. world leaders attended. the white house sent its ambassador to france. >> live from buenos aires. >> americans have been killed by prisoners released from guantanamo bay. they are not providing details or saying whether this happen before or after president obama took office. another obama administration official says the incident involved an afghan prisoner released during the bush administration. america's election
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headquarters. new delegate counts after tuesday's voting. hillary clinton is trying to portray herself as the candidate best equipped to deal with terrorism. we begin here in washington with what the new polls are telling with us the republican contest. >> reporter: with a split decision last night, donald trump taking arizona and ted cruz, utah, the delegate map inched up for both candidates. but it is a long way before either can stake a claim to the gop nomination. that while the race is tightening between the top two contenders. the national poll shows only three percentage points separates trump from cruz with john kasich lagging far behind. it comes as the two front-runners celebrated the primary victories in two western states. cruz xlaming his win in deeply red utah surpassing the winner
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takes all. it is a sign of conservatives coalescing behind him. >> we had a land slide victory. nearly 70%. that's just the latest manifestation of what we're seeing across the country. we're seeing republicans uniting behind this campaign. >> one of those uniting behind the him is cruz. trump's win in arizona had him looking past the primaries and setting his sights on hillary clinton. >> i think i'm. more competent. i don't think she has the strength or the stamina. >> a new fox news poll shows it is not trump but kasich and cruz who have a better chance to beat her. >> if i don't stay in the race, i'm not sure. i'm the only one who can compete in the east. >> meanwhile the vicious twitter war between them has intense
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identified with trump accusing cruz of disrespecting his wife. quote, lyin' ted cruz just used a picture. if you try on attack heidi, you're more of a coward than i thought. #classless. amidst that. house speaker paul ryan spoke to staffers about the need for political civility. though he name no names. >> our political discourse. both the kind that we see on tv and the kind that we experience among each other. it did not used to be this bad. and it does not have to be this way. >> ryan's speech may reflect his awareness as chairman of a potentially contested convention this summer, he will to have play a neutral and civil role among delegates who could be anything but that. >> thank you. we'll show you new polls.
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for hillary clinton was a chance to talk tough about getting tough on isis. the terror group may not be the country's main objective. >> walls will not protect us. >> it was billed by hillary clinton's advisers as a major speech laying out her vision to counter terrorism. when the real goal was countering republicans standing in her way to the white house. from donald trump who wants to rethink her role in nato. >> if there trump gets his wargs it will be like christmas in the kremlin. it will make america less safe and the world more dangerous. >> to ted cruz who talked about carpet bombing. >> it doesn't make you sound tough. it makes sound like you're in over your head. >> clinton warned impenetrable encryption makes it harder for counter terrorism officials to stop attacks. all part of clinton's efforts
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which started the day before the attack in brussels to show she would be a calm, cool commander in chief. the latest terror attacks show her tenure as secretary of state was marked by an outright failure to destroy isis. >> hillary was the architect of the foreign policy that has been a disaster across the world. >> nonetheless she can look past bernie sanders. the new poll shows she has a 13-point lead over sanders nationally. a reversal from last month when the socialist had taken the slim three-point edge. >> i'm very proud to have won arizona. >> after taking the arizona primary last night, clinton kept her commanding delegate lead. though sandal here's walked along hollywood boulevard yesterday had big wins in idaho and utah. and he is still attack hillary's policy credentials from the left. >> the war in iraq was one of
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the worst foreign policy mistakes in the history of the country. i voted against that war. >> in the latest fox poll which he we have asked which candidate would scare if you they won. 49% said they would be scared if trump got elected playing right into the point that clinton's camp is trying to make. >> ed henry live in palo alto tonight. thank you. up next interesting little sisters of the poor against the president of the united states. first, fox 2 in san francisco with the discovery of a sunken tugboat lost at sea for nearly a century. researchers have found it about 30 miles off the coast. the ship departed san francisco bay for pearl harbor in march of. 1921. never made it and its 56-man crew was declared lost.
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the man spent more than 72 hours at the top of an 80-foot tree down finally come down. no one knows why he did it. he threw pine cones at paramedics. at one point seattle police tweeted, the issue seems to be between the man and the tree. this is a live look in denver. a rainy denver. a spring snowstorm socking the region. the schools closed. the roads blocked. power outage at denver airport force ad ground stop this morning. later, visibility. that's the live look outside the beltway.
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there's plenty of blame to go around for the water crisis. that's the conclusion of a special panel appointed by governor rick snyder. it said local, state and federal agencies share responsibility for lead leeching from old pipes. the panel places the most blame on the state department of environmental quality in what it called, quote, a story of
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government failure, intrans intelligence, environmental injustice and inaction. the federal epa needs to do more to get small cities and towns to clean up their water. and only 22% of systems with serious contamination problems have been able to get back in compliance within the last three years. now to a real life david verse goliath story. catholic nuns who want nothing more than to serve god and help their fellow man but they do not want anything to do with abortion. that's where goliath comes in. on this, the sixth anniversary of the signing of obamacare. chief legal correspondent is at the supreme court. >> reporter: for the fourth time, the challenge to the affordable care act or obamacare has once again reach the u.s. supreme court. 37 plaintiffs including the little sisters of the poor have
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joined together to fight the hhs mandate which provides most employers to provide contra ceptives. >> now we final ourselves in a situation where the government is requiring us to make changes in our health care. our religious health care plan to include services that really violate our deepest held religious beliefs. >> the administration says it is provided an accommodation for religious groups by having them sign a paper that would allow all contraceptives by employees via the health care plans. they say that's not the point. they don't want to be conflicted in any way. noting their position, chief justice john roberts has used the phrase hijacking. and it seem that's an accurate description. they want to use the mechanism that they have set up to provide services because they want the
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coverage to be seamless. the case fits the objections of nonprofit groups against the government interest in cost-free access for working women. >> religious liberty doesn't mean the right to impose your views on others or the right to discriminate. >> as to the government's argument that its interest is the most pressing, the judge. sometimes when a religious person is a member of society, he does have to semiall kinds of things that are just terrible for him. while justice sotomayor wouldn'ted how the government can continual to function when many religious groups will have objections to specific laws. how will we ever have anything that the government can demand people to do that won't be a problem? justice kennel had questions for both sides. even if they can win the vote would it likely end in a tie and that would leave the lower court rulings in place. that would be a loss for the little sisters. it is possible that the court hold this is case over for a
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final decision until there's a ninth justice confirmed and sitting on the bench. >> it could be 4-4 with that open vacancy. some of the lower courts are getting involved with the irs. what is this all about? >> yeah. this goes back to ongoing litigation with regard to allegations that the irs targeted conservative groups when they apply for tax-exempt status. they said they've gone over thousands of pages of documents but the irs stone walled them. at least one court has had enough. not only ordering them to turn over the documents but dressing them down saying they have been out this whole process. much like they dragged out the application process. now the irs has a matter of days to get together the documents and turn them over. >> that's a big story. that's not getting a lot of coverage. we'll stay on it. a down day for the markets. the dow lost 80. the s&p dropped 13. the nasdaq fell 53. next, we'll go back live to
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brussels. sheppard smith is there.
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investigators all over europe are searching right now for possible accomplices in tuesday's terror attacks that left 34 people dead in brussels, belgium. what's the latest on the investigation? >> reporter: well, bret, the latest headline from today is that the bomb maker is dead. authorities now confirm here that the man they suspect was the bomb maker in the paris attacks in november, because they saw his dna on all of the suicide vests there. the bomb maker in brussels was one of the suicide bombers who died on the attack. the man in the middle was one of the two brothers about who we've
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spend so extensively. he was the man in the middle and had been identified. the man on the left we now know is najim laachraoui. they were led by a cab driver to a bomb making factory. the cab driver saw the picture of these three men on television and said i think i just took those guys to the airport and they were really weird. they wanted to put five bags in the car but the car was not big enough. and they were very unhappy about it. instead they only took three bombs to the airport. we now know authorities found another bomb inside that house with more than 33 pounds of the explosive necessary to blow up one of these belts. for context, an explosive belt in paris had one pound in it. they found 33 pounds in this house. so the bomb maker is dead. we now know the identity of the other two. the brothers who killed themselves. there's the search for the man of the cctv picture, the man on
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the right with the hat. the search is still on for him. authorities don't know who he is or what involvement he may have had. and they say randomly that they believe there are others connectedn some way involved in the raids. >> it is really unique for the bomb maker to be one of the suicide bombers. these are sophisticated bombs. usually they don't put the bomb maker out there sense it is so technical to make the bombs. what is the mood there? >> this is the old stock exchange. it hand been in operation for a few years. they have exhibits here and that sort of thing. it has become a gathering place for people. the mood has been different. the crowds were very large. it sometimes felt like a soccer match with chanting happening in one side or the other. it was all about unity, staying
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true to peace and tranquility and down with hate and down with terrorism. it is very rare to see political people of different political persuasions come together in brussels for any event. the locals tell us this has happened. it is a good sign that they try to figure out who else wants to bring them in. >> back here at home law enforcement trying to work overtime to keep what happened in paris and brussels from happening in a u.s. city. tonight, senior correspondent rick leventhal rides along with some of new york's finest. >> they roll up in unmarked blue vans and step out into the streets of new york city in tactical gear carrying m-4 automatic rifles. this is an nypd hercules team from the department of special operations unit. deployed as part of recently expanded counter terrorism plan.
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heading below ground, another group of swat trained officers. members of the so-called torch team. transit operations response, canine and heavy weapons. they're not responding to a specifying threat. but rolling from place to place, acting as a deternls. with the goal of preventing or disrupting paris operations. the nypd said it is using every tool in the counter terrorism tool box. >> what you saw this morning and throughout the day if you were a terrorist was a massive show of force on the part of the nypd. what you saw if you were a citizen or a commuter today was a large sign of reinsurance and protection. >> america's largest police department is also deploying officers to busy subway entrances to check the bags of passengers. and cane i'm not explosive detection teams roam the streets and plain platforms sniffing for
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bombs and explosive materials. eight more dogs graduated from the academy. they're especially trained. to look for explosives. >> the very function of these wonderful, wonderful dogs is in fact to protect against exactly what happened in belgium yesterday. >> these teams will be deployed around the clock. not just providing to incidents but providing a watchful eye across the city. >> thanks. the manhunt goes on for those responsible for the brussels terror attacks and president obama takes more heat for his sponsor lack of it. the panel joins me when we come
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this is my number one priority. i've got a lot of things on my plate. but my top priority is to defeat
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isil and to elittle flate the scourge of this barbaric terrorism taking place around the world. >> that was not a mistake. that was not weakness. that was policy. his going to the ballpark and his spending less than a minute commenting on the attack. i actually believe in his heart of hearts the president's policy is that is not that big a deal. there are other things more important. and that was what he was messaging. >> a lot of people weighing in on the president's talk and reaction to the terror attacks in brussels. meantime new fox polls out today on the issue of temporarily banning nonu.s. muslims. this is all registered voters. there you see favor, oppose. as you look at the break doub of party identification. republicans and democrats. the president has talked about
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his reaction in the past. remember the criticism after paris. his reaction to that. let's look at what he said today as well. >> now, on our side, i think there is a legitimate criticism of what i've been doing and our administration has been doing in the sense that we haven't, on a regular basis, i think described all the work that we've been doing for more than a year now to defeat isil. groups like isil are not an
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existential threat to us. >> let's bring in our panel. >> is there a disconnect in the motion, the tone, the tenor the president takes to how americans fe feel? >> yeah. this was not just an attack on europe. americans were injured in this attack. and possibly targeted as we heard earlier in the show in this attack. these attacks came out of a radicalized community in belgium that is very well planning an attack here. for him to be so dismissive. it is almost like this is back ground noise. something we'll have to get used to. no show of strength. no show of command. no show of, we are going to help europe. we're going to keep the homeland
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safe. and to stand there. to be laughing. this is hours after this attack. this was the same day. and he's in the that baseball stadium with castro. does this affect what you're doing, how you're doing it? again, it seems like it is the image. >> totally. and he said this again today. that leaving the baseball game, changing his schedule, coming back would be allowing the terrorists to win. that is his argument. his comments, frankly, hillary clinton's comments in tandem shows the democratic party is totally out of step. and just out of bounds on this moment. i don't think they get it. nobody was talking about relations with cuba yesterday. he said this is an important part of his policy. maybe an important part of his legacy. the problem with obama's comments and hillary's, this is the new normal. these attacks will happen. and that there is an acceptance
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of it. that we'll work with allies. we extent our hand. we're resilient. that's not good enough for the american people. and i think your polls indicate that. >> this is hillary clinton today. what was billed as a big counter terrorism speech. she tried to project strength. >> it would be a serious mistake to begin carpet bombing populated areas into oblivion. proposing that doesn't make you sound tough. it makes you sound like you're in over your head. slogans are not a strategy. loose cannons tend to misfire. what america needs is strong, smart, steady leadership to wage and win this struggle. >> obviously referencing ted cruz and donald trump there. >> look, i think this is a smantics argument about what the word carpet means. generally it refers to world war ii, to dresden, tokyo, where you
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burn the city. that's not what we're talking about. cruz is talking about come faring gulf war where there are 1100 sorties today, to today there are about 15. between those two numbers there's a huge gap. and it does show a has tood on the part of this president. what he said in argentina. this is a top priority. everybody understands that's a as far as. he doesn't believe a word of it. he says it by rote. he's supposed to say the. more people die in falls in their bathtubs than die in terrorism. >> he also said climate change. >> serving more important than isis. he thinks it is the back ground noise of our time. he has said this openly in interviews. that the media is hyping it.
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if it leads, it bleeds so people are afraid as a result of media ratings. but he is simply unwilling to face the fact that this is a serious threat to the west. to the united states. people are justly afraid. and that under his watch, isil has gone from nonexistence to now having a present in at least nine countries. having a safe haven and having the capacity in one week an attack in west africa in the ivory coast, an attack in turkey, an attack in brussels. that's a threat. and he does not believe it is. >> on the flip side. you have donald trump who obviously has projected strength. whenever he talks about there, he hammers home he will take out isis. even to the point where he says he would go beyond waterboarding. this is donald trump. and the lawyer responsible in the bush administration for keeping it in the lines.
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>> we should go for waterboarding and tougher than waterboarding. >> for us, waterboarding was the hardest question. and our view was, it was basically right at the line of what was legal or illegal. but you could not go beyond it. so for trump to say he would go beyond waterboarding. i have no idea what he has in mind. i think it would violate federal law. >> he's absolutely right. we've been tortured over the issue of waterboarding. we've drawn a fine line and donald doesn't seem to care about where lines are drawn. the other point about both donald trump and ted cruz is their comments about taking on the muslim community. banning muslims or going after them in a slightly indiscriminate way with more police action. right? >> the thing about europe,
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because of our political system and our security apparatus, that works with muslim leaders, we don't have the isolated, insulated communities that is dogging europe. there's one study that says most terrorists have been turned in by muslim leaders and government investigators to law enforcement. it is not in our national security to disrupt the relationship between local law enforcement, federal law enforcement, and the local muslim community. i don't want to down play that we have our own home grown terrorists here. >> we'll talk more about that and the presidential races after this quick break.
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>> what i'm talking about is focusing law enforcement and national security resources on areas on locations where there is a higher incidence of radical islamic terrorism. >> i just left a country that engages in that kind of neighborhood surveillance which, by the way, the father of senator cruz
1:51 am
escaped for america, the land of the free the notion that we would start down that slippery slope makes absolutely no sense. >> president obama and senator ted cruz on the topic we were just talking about; pack with the panel. charles, you wanted to weigh? n.? >> the reason this idea of high heightened patrols, united states has the highest assimilation of muslim population of any country in the west. it's not even close. the reason europe is in trouble it has places where police can't go or won't go. that doesn't exist here. the last thing we should do is alienate muslims by having heightened patrols in their streets. yes, you want to have contacts with mosques. you want to know what's happening inside, but you are not going to pick anything up by having police cars patrolling the streets. it's not going to do it. it's wrong way to go about. >> you acknowledge the
1:52 am
accusations, at least that radicalization is happening inside our country in some mosques in some muslim areas? >> there is no question it's happening, it's happened. anwar al-awlaki was actually a preachner a virginia mosque. there is no question. but the way to go after it is not to have police cars and military jeeps in the streets of the neighborhoods. it's to develop morem intimate relationship with the community leaders and with the mull also a. >> okay. that could be a matter of semantics to what ted cruz was saying, too. >> well. >> let's take a look at the fox news polls donald trump ed a 41%, ted it's tightened dramatically. kasich is the best positioned. he beats her by 11 points. double digits. ted cruz by 3% and there you see donald trump losing. honest and trustworthy numbers all the candidates together and there you see sanders with the highest
1:53 am
honest number and trump with the lowest. and on that favorable, unfavorable number for donald trump is upside down 31% favorable, 65% unfavorable. david, you look at those numbers and what do you see? >> i see that john kasich is going to put your poll in a press release by the end of this program. >> i think it's about the third poll that has him beating clinton. >> this is all is he running on is general election electability, the ability to beat hillary clinton. he has an ad up. super pac add up in wisconsin the next big state to vote. that's all it is about. cruz and trump can't win. i can. this is a guy who may not win another contest all the way through june. he has won state, his home state of ohio. he is staying in on the prayer to go to the convention and become the pick of the establishment. if you talk to republicans in this town they actually are pretty -- they agree that both cruz and trump would probably lose a general election. they think trump would be more damaging to the party
1:54 am
brand, bring down senators and bring down house members. this is kasich's only argument. i don't think it's a strong argument right now when you haven't won any primaries but it may become stronger if those numbers look as bad as we get closer to a convention. >> he had a tough time, i think, in that seat you are sitting in the other night defending how you get from point a to point b. >> he wants to be a kingmaker at the convention. >> let me tell you what the trump people say. they look at the numbers and say ronald reagan was upside down in faf/unfav numbers. he. >> i don't think he was as high in honest and trustworthiness. pretty astonishing that the two leading candidates hillary clinton and donald trump 56% of registered voters think they are dishonest. and most people don't view them favorably, either one. that's an astonishing place to be in. >> it strikes me that trump and cruz are within the marginal of error.
1:55 am
it seems to me the strategy for either camp would be you make a deal with kasich. he has 17%. you get him on board, you make him the vice president. it gist you ohio, which you are going to need. >> can't rule that out with trump though. >> he has a long way to go. >> all i'm saying is if you are in the camp of those two that's what you want. >> speaking of got to go i have got to go. >> that's it for the panel. stay tuned for your voice to be heard through our
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test l report" contender's app. we have added up the results from the fox news app. the statement about law enforcement that was most agreed with was, quote: i do not believe it is beneficial for this country to have a culture where the men and women of law enforcement feel under siege. that statement belongs to senator ted cruz. here is how all the
1:58 am
candidates did with their statements the scale 1 to 100. with one meaning total disagreement. 100 total agreement. three out of three quarters outpo of five stars. panelists a couple of you took the quiz. results who did you get? >> i got cruz based on that same quote. >> charles? >> i got cruz as well and my loser, i think this is the 11th week in a row, bernie sanders. >> really? >>n:'รง unbroken string. >> that is it for this "special report." fair, balanced and unafraid. no online show tonight. greta >> it is thursday march 24th. this is a fox news alert. word of another suspect in the brussel terror attack as the international manhunt intensifies for this man seen with the homicide bombers.
1:59 am
a chilling connection just uncovered between the brussel and terrorist attackers. we are live in belgium. >> tango over terror. president obama spent the night on the dance floor. the new fallout mounting this morning. >> a dramatic rescue caught on camera. a 5-year-old girl pulling her unconscious mom from the bottom of the pool. the life saving moment seen on surveillance. "fox & friends first" starts right now. >> you are watching "fox & friends first". i am heather childers. >> i am cheryl casone. we begin with a fox news lart. we have breaking news in the brussel terror attacks. a second attacker is believed to be on the run right now in connection with the subway attacks. >> this as the international
2:00 am
manhunt for one of the bombers intensifies. john hardy is live in brussel with the latest. >> heather and cheryl, those reports about the second bomber. i want to be clear about this and a little bit careful. they are unconfirmed. we are reaching out to the federal prosecutor in belgium to see if they have any comment about that. there has been no comment so far. this is a very important point that there may have been a second metro bomber. i want to show you real quick we are outside of the euro star and one of the main metro stations here in downtown brussel. you can see there's a security presence. there are soldiers where people are being screened. behind that there are police standing guard.


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